Can weight loss be achieved by constant Yoga practice? What makes Yoga unique?

Let’s look at what are the possible cause for weight gain and what¬†constitute a lean body.


Ever feel hungry when stressed? Feelings of insecurity, anxiety, frustration and anger result in the urge to overeat in order to compensate. Stress induced the hormone called cartisol to rise and stimulate increase appetite. Regular yoga practice helps to boost the ability to be fully aware whether the body is hungry due to lack of food or due to stress.

Yoga is a good stress buster. Corpse pose (Shavanasana), Yoga meditation and Yoga Nidra (Sleep) specifically help to overcome stress.


If everything fails, blame it on the hormones? An imbalance of hormones in the reproductive system and sluggish thyroid can cause fats to deposit on the waist. This apply to those who do not eat much but gain weight easily. Yoga pose, in particular inversion ones helps to stimulate the internal organs and keep the hormones in check.


Breathing incorrectly can result in weight gain. Breathing in too much oxygen (O2) cause the body to be more alkaline and the body crave for food which is generally more acidic. On the other hand, breathing out more carbon dioxide is not necessary bad as it opens uo the blood vessels and therefore more oxygen goes to the brain and body.

To keep the body neutral with PH of 7, we use various breathing techniques to balance the body. Many breathing techniques which are natural and inborn in us are lost as age progresses. Correct breathing is essential for everyday living and techniques like Kapalbhati, Bhastrika, Bhramari and Nadi Shodhana helps.


Normally, higher food intake compared to energy output cause the body to put on weight. Consuming too much food makes one feel bloated, burned out and tired. According to Ayurvedic principles, the body is overwhelm by agni (digistive fire) creating chaos to the belly resulting in weight gain with access gas.

Eating in moderation make the body and mind happy. Simply making lifestyle changes like modifiying the type of food gradually and observing meal time can help.


Doing simple yoga stretch helps to distribute liquid fats and cholesterol away from the waist, e.g. housewives who are busy with household choir the whole day, ends up doing a lot of stretching exercise. They can still keep the weight in check without intense workout. Moving the body and stretching is proven to be good for the body.


Doing intense heavy workout it will build muscles and muscle is heavier than fats. Intensive building of muscles is counter effective in temrs of weight management. Can yoga really built strength? There are many forms of yoga ranging from slow passive, gentle ones to the intensive modern yoga that helps to keep the heart rate in the aerobic range.

Yoga help the muscles to burn calories and keep up the metabolice rate. Yoga builds up life force energy otherwise known as Prana, Chi or Ki that increases the strength beyond just muscles.


Conscious eating and eating slowly can help to make the body feel full. Yoga create body awareness working in union with the body and mind. In modern busy stressful lives, there is no time to be mindful. Following a yogic lifestyle and mediation helps.

Digestive System:

A good digestive system is able to extract nutrients and get rid of unwanted waste in the body. It can help to prevent illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, arthritis etc. Obesity overstrain the body and cause unnecessary stress to the body and mind. Yoga cleansing methods such as Shatkarma help the body to be light and the mind clear.


Considering the many factors that affects weight, what form of exercise is good for the body? Generally, all types of exercises are good but those that are holistic, working on the body-mind complex have the added advantage, such as Yoga. At Health Yoga we share with you different forms of yoga and exercises to manage weight progressively.

Measurements such as body mass index (BMI) is not the only measurement method to monitor weight because everyone has a different body, size and built. A good indicator for weight loss is the hip ratio. Simply put, check the pants you wear the last time. It is that simple.

Women deposit fats on the waist and hip while men deposit fats on the belly. With constant yoga practice you can certainly and eventually find a long term solution.