How much food is enough?
Fill up the tummy with half food, quarter water and quarter air for digestion.

How to eat?
Sit and eat quietly. When eating, avoid distraction like watching TV, reading a tablet, multitask on a smart phone, talk on the phone or too involved in holding a conversation. Eating slowly and savor the flavors as the digestive systems begins in the mouth. Stop when you feel nourished (and join the conversation).

When to eat?
Try to eat at the same time everyday to stabilized the body metabolism. If you do not feel hungry because you had a heavy meal earlier on, try fasting until the next meal. Night eating should be reduced so that the energy can be used to heal and repair the body instead of working on the digestive system.

What to eat?
You are what you eat. Eat limited foods at one sitting and reduce complex food which are difficult to digest. A diet of pure and sattvic food is recommended. A sattvic diet consists of water, whole grains, legumes, fruits, nuts, vegetables, dairy, honey, mild spices and herbs. Milk should come from a happy cow and fruit fallen from a tree so that there is no harm done to the organism. These are recommended as they calm the mind and are easily digested. Yogis believe that food preferences changes as spirituality develops.

Tamasic food and rajasic food should be avoided. Tamasic food are those which are left overnight  which have grown microorganism or food that involve harm to another being.  It will over stimulate the body and mind which cause physical and mental stress. Rajasic foot are those with too much spices, sugar and salt, meat, alcohol and mushroom, which tends to cause lethargy and heaviness. The type of food consumed can gradually be changed over time to a sattvic diet, as necessary.